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Oral Surgery

Greater Comfort & Faster Healing

Oral surgery can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. With the Epic Laser we can take care of several surgical procedures that required cutting in the past but this is no more. We can take care of removing inflamed gum tissue caused by gum disease or infection, treat cold sores, fix tongue tie and improve your “gummy” smile. We can do all of these procedures with little to no pain.

How it Works…

This Laser system emits light that interacts in the precise area of treatment in a low dose and safe manner. It’s that easy. With the laser treatment many procedures that would have required you to be numb buy injection can often be done with a topical numbing anesthetic which means no needles. Bleeding and post – operative pain is often lessened and in most cases no stitches are required and recovery takes less time.

Treatment of Cold Sores & Canker sores…

We all know that Cold Sores & Canker sores are painful and embarrassing. We can help! Once you feel the tingling feeling that starts the onset of these sores call us IMMEDIATELY! We can get you in for a very short procedure and treat the area. This will reduce your time affected by these annoying and embarrassing sores. Some insurance plans assist in the cost of these procedures. Call us today to find out more information.

Tongue Tied…

You may know someone or yourself been affected by speech issues. Some speech issues can stem from tissue connections that restrict the movement of your tongue. With the Epic Laser we are able to “release” those restrictions. This can be done with less discomfort and often times no need for anesthetic or stitches.

“Gummy Smiles”

Are you self-conscious about how much of your gum tissue shows when you smile? Let us work with you to improve and create your perfect smile. The Epic laser makes it easy to safely remove the excess gum tissue that can make you have that “gummy” smile. Call us today to schedule a consult to see if you would be a candidate for gingival recontouring.